Designing, developing and manufacturing

You as a procurement manager know the problems and get the blame , if you order from a source from far east

1. Difficult communication

a. Language problems
b. General Understanding of western requirements

2. Quality problem

You really get what you want or are the items sometimes different, as – if you want it cheap, we make it cheap-

3. The idea

of what to produce is executed from people who often do not have the smallest idea what the products are made for.

We think we can help you:

Our management is from Germany, part of office still in Germany.

We do not only use the most modern equipment in computerization and patternmaking, we are also able to understand the wishes of our customers and by this reason to produce what they require.

Our well known expertise in protection garment often gives us the chance to support you with workable ideas to improve your patterns and designs.

As we develope thermal protective garment since more then 25 years our knowledge is hard to beat in terms of quality and protection. It might not always be the cheapest idea, but if you want to be the cheapest, or the best in the market, Its up to you.

All new developents are tested from us and the customer to get the feedback and prove where we can still make it better.

That all ideas which you bring in are still your intellectual property is for us normal.

Materials which we use are thoroughly tested and only after carefully cheked used in our production process. As we know for a damaged product you must sell additopnal 2 or three to get the lost profit back. Not to mention the image loss.

So we are able to offer you a full expertise for the products you need.

We develope not only diving or windsurfing suits. All special items which need some functional design are made . So we made for example tests with airline safetysuits, drinksystem carrybags and pilotdress.