Diving suits

Diving suits are made mostly out of materials in the thickness of 2-7 mm. We use for Summersuits materials from 2-3mm , for medium temperatures 4-5 mm and for cold water diving not less then 6mm( besides Drysuits made out of crush neoprene.For these temeperatures we generally recommend using the warmer metal plush, or our develeoped ceramic neoprene.

Tests shown that our suits have an execellent fit as we use for different regions another set of basic patterens.


– 2 pce Jacket -longjohn
– Monoshort, Shorty
– Overall


– Overall in connection with vest or Jacket
– 2-pce suit


– Overall type with hood att or separate
– Overall type with sock type shoes with separate shoes

Additional we produce

– Shoes and gloves in Semidry and Dry style